Featured Maker: Sarah Smith from Stitched by Sarah

What kind of products do you sell? I hand make knit and crochet items ranging from winter accessories to home decor.  How did you get started? I learned to crochet shortly after my daughter was born six years ago. We learned quickly after her birth that she would have special needs and require a lot of care. Returning full-time as an elementary teacher was no longer an option for us. Having made cuts to our budget I looked for ways to keep busy in the evenings and a way to relax and unwind. Soon after making things for myself and family I had requests from friends and friends of friends to purchase my items. It all went from there. Joining Markets by Dream Day has allowed me to take my passion to create and turn it into extra income for my family that still allows me to be at home and have flexibility to meet our needs. Why are you a maker? Making crochet and knit items has been an emotional outlet for me and brings me such enjoyment that it hardly feels like work. I also love to see others enjoy the items I make and seeing people take home my creations is an amazing rewarding feeling. I create to financially support for my family, yes, but I also am a maker because I love it. I’m always learning new things in my craft and always try to produce the best quality items that I am proud of. What inspires you? My inspiration started from connecting with other knitters and crocheters. I still enjoy meeting with my knitting friends and learning from each other. I am now also inspired by the handmade community as a whole. Seeing the love and passion people put into their business is fuel for me and keeps me going even when I am extremely busy. My family is also a huge inspiration - their love and support for this small business has been a big reason for my success What is your favourite product that you sell? I absolutely love making winter accessories - toques, ear warmers and scarves. I could make these in my sleep, but they are still my favourite thing to create. Plus the big faux fur poms I use are all handmade by me as well! What is your favourite product that another maker sells? I really love handmade jewelry and pottery. My jewelry and mug collection is quite extensive - ha! I also really love purchasing handmade home decor that adds a special touch to my home.   What is your most popular product? My most popular products this past year have been toques and rainbow pillows. Two things I really enjoy making. What's one fun fact that someone might not know about you? I love music - to sing and dance to it and to play it! I often have the music up loud when I’m out driving. My kids are used to it now that mommy likes to jam! Where can people find you on social media? Instagram: @stitchedbysarahs Facebook: Stitched by Sarah Webiste:

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